Change of the Season, and my Mind State

So, depression is slowly and sneakily creeping back in.
I’m not sure what it is.
I think it’s the change of the seasons…
Summer to Fall, the warm to the cold.
I’ve never liked cold and wet weather.

Or maybe it’s the ass I made of myself after a few too many adult beverages at the Halloween concert I went to over the past weekend?  Seeing the pictures online let me know I had more of a good time than I remembered….  That said, I probably owe at least 3 people (ie; a singer, a bass player, and a friend) an apology.  

But then again, I wasn’t me.  I was a character.  Right?
Who knows…  I don’t know.

Either way, its Fall again.
The shorts and t-shirts have been replaced by jeans and hoodies, and warm, sticky nights filled with cold beer and hot bonfires have been replaced with cold wind, my heat blanket, and indoor concerts.  I hate the feeling of wet pant cuffs and socks from treading through the rain/snow.

Some people love the winter, the snow, the cold.  Me?  It makes me feel trapped.  It gives me an excuse to lounge in bed after work and cuddle with the cat (or dog), and try to stay as dry and warm as I can.

But, the sticking in the house starts to make me stir crazy.  I start to miss the heat from the sun and the trapped feeling turns almost claustrophobic.  I start to hate the walls around me that hold the heat in, and yearn for the Spring and Summer to hurry up and get here.  I miss the green of the grass and leaves in the tress, the brown and white of mud mixed with melted snow start to make me nauseous.


The snow isn’t even here yet.  Hell, Halloween was only yesterday and I’m already starting to feel like I’m 2 months into the snow and Winter.  At least, I’m hoping its just the winter-blues that got me feeling down.



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