Something for me to think about…

Since June 1st I’ve run maybe 15 calls on my ambulance, and have only transported 2 patients…
I still go in every Thursday night, and my rotating 24 hour weekend shift.

It’s not because of a lack calls coming into dispatch, and it’s definitely not because people haven’t been getting sick or hurting themselves…


Ever since my rescue squad decided not to renew our contract with the village for EMS calls, our call volume has dropped immensely.  We used to cover the entire town, now we just cover the township/unincorporated areas.  That means, we are only getting 1/3 of the call volume we used to have… which needless to say, makes my 12 and 24 hour shifts boring as hell.  But more often than not, I go in just to do chores around the station, and spend the rest of the shift watching TV or sleeping.

Without going into all the drama that started this whole “no village contract”, I’m fed up with the resulting drama even more.  At my department, Fire and Rescue is/was ran separate (except for certain types of calls) and because a Chief from rescue over 30 years ago had a wife who slept with the fire Chief, the two sides seemed to hold the grudge and never really got along.
Get the hell over it.


I’ve complained before about the crap my department and the people I’ve met in the last 5 years of being in EMS, have been slowly but surely tarnishing my love and reasons for going into the job.  But for the first time the reason I don’t want to go to the firehouse isn’t because of internal/home life/personal stress, but because of another reason…  One I’m not sure if I’m right about, or if I’m just to scared to admit it to myself…

The politics in the EMS field are beyond anything I ever imagined when I decided to become an EMT.  To be honest, before I decided to pursue EMS, I never thought twice about the politics or anything behind-the-scene of the field.  I only ever thought of the ambulance… the calls… being in uniform and what it would be like, feel like, to do the job.

After the last almost 2 years of everything that my department has been through… the way my own so-called “brothers” on the fire side have acted…  how firefighters/EMS personnel from other departments, private or 911, have looked at or regarded me for wearing my departments name on the uniform…  how the village officials have treated the situation and grouped the innocent people on my department into the “Guilty” lot…  I’m fed up, if not done.  I’m already fighting a battle with the DUI on my background to be able to get a job in EMS, and to be judged on that is going to be hard enough to overcome.   But now, I’m also going to have to be judged simply for being on the department I’ve been on for 4 years.


I’ve learned that no matter how many times I prove that I know how to do my job, and that I’m good at it, doesn’t matter as much as the name of the squad on my uniform…  The village officials are doing everything they can to get my squad shut down, ignoring the fact that all the “rotten” has been cut out and completing all the changes and requests put upon the squad, not just from the village, but from the state as well.


Everyone tells me to “Just find a job on another department, or a private company”.  It’s not that easy for me.  Like I mentioned, I’m still dealing with the effects and aftermath of my DUI…  I still have time that needs to pass before privates can/will hire me. I still have to deal with the look the interviewer gives me when they read “***** Dept” on my resume…  Not to mention, that right now the only EMS license I have is state, and not national.  I’m limited to places I can apply, no matter how many state lines I’m close to.   Okay, I can deal with that, I’ve been doing that since 2011…  however, do I want to deal with all the people already working for the companies in my area?  Not really.  There are only 3 privates near me, and 85% of the people I know work for them, and an even bigger percent of those people, all work for the same private.

These are all the people who have helped ruin my enjoyment for the job.  These are the same people trashing my department and looking down on me for being a part of my squad.  These people are on the fire side of my building.  They made it clear how they feel about me on a professional level, and a personal level without even knowing me.


I love my job, what I get to do when the tones go off and I’m in the rig.  Everything else about it is… well, honestly…  miserable.  Or has slowly become miserable.  My quad is pretty big, and I know most of the people, and after all this time….  I don’t want to work with 98% of them.  But I don’t want to quit either.  I feel like the only way I can save my love for this job is to start doing it somewhere completely different.  Far enough away that the department or company I get on, has never heard of the issues that my current department has dealt with.

With the doubts I’m having right now I don’t know if paramedic school next Fall has a point…  I definitely have to figure something out when it comes to my future in EMS before I make the decision to pay $4000+ for a license in a job I may not want to continue much longer.


Decisions, decisions.

One Response to Something for me to think about…

  1. Greg Hall says:

    I’ve watched your struggles you should check us out! I’m a instructor. Don’t get pulled down in the rut. You just need a change of scenery!

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