Getting Settled, Moving Forward

Its been exactly one month since my last entry…  That’s how busy I’ve been finishing up the move, not to mention I finally got the internet hooked up 4 days ago.

So, we are officially moved.  Completely.  It was a pain in the ass, but its done.  I can finally just relax.  No more worrying about the old house and cops showing up to change the locks.  Now, I can just worry about normal shit… like the rescue squad, and boys, and when the next MDR show is.

Not much has happened since my last entry…..  I turned 27 and spent the night celebrating with a MDR concert, good friends, and lots of drinks…..  My mom, Grandpa, and I are still all settling into the new house.  Its mostly together, with some few knickknacks still trying to find their place……  Grandpa had a run-in with a 10-gallon fish tank and had to get stitches.  I actually caught the old man trying to cover the wound with regular band-aids.  When I tried convincing him to go to the hospital, he wasn’t hearing it.  He finally gave in, and came home with 13 stitches.  Don’t say I didn’t tell you so!!!  I took him to his Doctor for a follow-up to make sure it was healing okay.  His Doc pulled out the stitches, and gave him a good bill of health.  His blood tests from June were all normal, and Doc said his lungs were clearer than he had ever heard them.  That was great news.

Since the move completed I’ve just been working, hanging out with friends, going to local concerts and have been trying to relax and enjoy having all that stress gone.  We haven’t been here long, but I can already tell I feel better, and I can see that grandpa feels better too.

I need to start getting a grip on some other things.  I definitely want to go to medic class next year, so in the mean time I have to get my prereq in Anatomy and Physiology.  No more screwing around.  I’m working, the family is moved and the worry of where to go is no longer existent, and I have good friends and family surrounding me.  Its time to start really focusing on me…  I know I’ve said it before, but this time I really need to focus on me…  where I want to go from now on, and the steps to start taking to get there.  Everyone else is okay for now, so yeah… time to start doing things for me again.  Really for me.


I’m gonna let whats left of August dwindle, and end it with a trip to the North woods of Wisconsin during Labor Day weekend…  A nice little mini-vacation.  A weekend may only 2.5 days away, but its more than I’ve had in years.  Going to take the time to empty my head and try and get a handle on the next steps.  After that, its going to be time to put my nose back to the grindstone.  Start saving up to pay off the next cousin, figure out how to pay for my A & P class, and starting getting myself ready for the next phase/steps/whatever you want to call them.  

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