This is how I feel…

Day 17 of the move has wrapped up.  I thought I was wiped at Day 6? Yeah right.  The temperatures this week have been in the high 80’s to the low 90’s, all with high humidity.  Needless to say that cases of Swamp-ass and Swamp-boobs have been in high abundance.  I’m damn near on the verge of dehydration if I keep slugging down Monsters and 5-Hour-Energy shots to keep myself going.  I have to remember to start sucking down some water too.

At this point the bathroom is done, the living room is almost completely unpacked, and the kitchen is getting there.  Mom’s room is all moved, but she hasn’t started to arrange or unpack anything of her own yet.  Grandpa’s AA buddies came last week and moved all of his cheery wood bedroom furniture, the big-ass TV from the living room and its stand, as well as the hutch from the kitchen and the secretary stand.  Comcast is coming to the new house on the 24th to set up the cable and internet cords, so he refused to move his bed until that happens…   I finally went out and bought the wood to build legs for my old bed frame, and with the help of my ambulance partner, we had them cut down and attached to the bed within 2 hours.  The legs we cut were ten inches, so the bed is a bit taller than I realized it would be, so a running jump or a step stool is almost needed just to climb into it!  But it looks great!  At this point, all that is left of my belongings that need to be moved is a few Rubbermaid containers (containing my coveted Batman collection), my dresser, my TV and DVD player, and once Comcast is set up, my computer and its desk.  I still need to buy a new lamp and a new bedspread, and put up my wall-shelves.

Hopefully sometime next week we will be able to start getting into the basement and garage of the old house and start going through all the furniture and items to be packed up and put into storage.  There is furniture from my old apartment that I am keeping, as well as some items handed down from my Great-grandma on my mom’s side, and my grandpa from my dad’s side that needs to be put in storage.  Mom has boxes of stuff from my childhood she wants to keep, and I have stuff that I want to keep (such as my collection of ‘Goosebumps’ books and Beanie Babies).

This whole process has been hard.  Even though mom and I started packing boxes months ago, we still weren’t ready to move when we got the keys.  Whats even more hard, is that is just her and I doing everything… with the much appreciated help from my ambulance partner.  None of our family, including my grandpa’s other two daughters, has been any help.  My one Aunt only came over one day to pack up some old china and glassware that belonged to her mom because she wanted to keep it.  My other Aunt who still has stuff her from the years she and her family have lived here, has stopped by a small handful of times only going through her stuff to put it in boxes and labeled, but leaves it here.  She hasn’t taken anything that belongs to her out of the house.

If it wasn’t for my ambulance partner willing to come and help, we wouldn’t be half as far along as we are.  He’s tolerated the hot, sticky weather almost everyday to help me.  He’s dealt with the arguing of me and mom trying to figure out what to do, where things should go, and at the end of each day/night, always tells me to call him the next day if I need help.  On top of it, he’s doing his clinical hours for his Critical Care Tier 2 certification, having to spend time in the ER and the ICU.  Without him I’d be screwed at this point in moving.  So even though he won’t read this:    Thanks E*…  I owe ya big!

Even my coworkers and Shift Supervisor at the rescue squad are helping out during these next 2 weeks, in their own ways.  My coworker Michelle from the Doc office cleared out the ECP schedule for this Friday so that I won’t have to go in after I get off my 12 hour shift at the squad, and my Shift Supervisor from the squad let me out of my 24 hour shift this Friday/Saturday so that I can stay home and help mom.  That alone gives me 2 days that I wouldn’t have had out of the next 16 days we have left until the bank shows up with the County Sheriff to change the locks and officially “foreclose” and “evict” us from the old house…

…  Plus its my birthday this Saturday.  I am going to a Modern Day Romeos show (my fave local band).  After all the work I’ve done this month, I deserve to escape for a few hours and celebrate with some friends and libations.  Plus, the guitar player said he would try and get the band to come have a few drinks with me after they play 🙂  Maybe if I pluck up enough alcohol-induced courage, I can get a kiss from the bass player!  You know… a birthday present if you will.  lol

For now… I’m going to enjoy and finish the cold beer I’m sucking on after this long, hot-ass day of working and moving.

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