Finally Moving

So, it’s the end of Day 6 of the move.
I’m wiped out.

Everyday after work this week, I’ve been hauling box after box, or truck load after truck load of stuff to the new house.  I’ve managed to get some of the bigger items over such as the couch, and my bed frame with the box spring and mattresses.

The bathroom is all done except for drilling the new towel racks onto the wall, and unpacking the 2 boxes of bathroom stuffs.  My Aunt and I went out and bought a cute shower curtain and accessories.  It’s all blue and will go really well with the old lighthouse motif we had going on in the bathroom at the old house.  Not my style to be honest, but I’m trying to make it as familiar as I can to make my Grandpa more comfortable.  He’s leaving the only home he’s known for the last 40+ years.  As hard as this move is for me, I know it’s a million times harder for him.

Tonight we also put a dent in the kitchen and started to unpack some of the boxes of kitchen utensils.  Good thing too, because the less boxes we have still packed when we move in the rest of the big furniture next week, the better.

All I can say is thank Batman for AA buddies.  Some of Grandpa’s AA pals are going to come over next week to help with all his bedroom furniture.  It’s all Cheery Oak and the only person I’ve had willing to help me so far is one of my partners from the ambulance, and there is no way in hell that just he and I would be able to move any of it on our own.  Tomorrow I’m going to start cleaning Gramps room so that I can start packing up all his stuff.  He’s going to be cranky when I kick him out of his room all day tomorrow so I can get it all done.

I’ve got all weekend off from work, so I have to take advantage of the time to get some of the big tasks done.  Once we get him moved, we can get the DirecTV moved over and the rest of the utilities.

I’m really hoping that we get him moved by next week…  My birthday is coming up in 2 weeks and I want to be able to end the night with a bonfire at the new house and hopefully not have much more moving, packing and unpacking left to worry about.  If my mom can get up off her ass this weekend, or at least give me free rein to move whatever I see fit, I think we can get another good chunk of stuff moved this weekend.

There are still some things that need to be done at the new house…  we still need to cut the liners for all the kitchen cabinets, install a safety rail on the wall in the bathroom for grandpa, go to the Village to start our water account, build the shed for the backyard, and I still have to buy some wood and build some legs to attach to my bed frame.

I’ll admit, I’ve kinda splurged on myself a tad bit for new stuff for my bedroom…  I bought a new set of sheets, Jersey Knit Cotton!  SOOOO soft and comfy!  I also bought some new pillows and some purple pillow cases.  I even got a little carefree with my cash and bought some neon green hangers for $1.25!  I bought a media stand for all my DVD’s and books.  To be fair, I did buy my mom a new frog figurine for the yard, and got a ‘Welcome’ mat for the front stoop that has puppy paw prints and says “Wipe Your Paws”.

Ahh… only 6 days into a move that is going to last all month.  After this week, I’m almost convinced the hardest part is actually going to be the unpacking and figuring out where everything is going to go and fit.  Its clear we’re going to have to rent a storage unit for some items, but I guess we’ll deal with that when the end of the month hits and we have all the main stuff moved to the new place.

Its clear that its going to be a long month that goes by fast.

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