Stanley Cups, Jaws, House Keys, and Paying off More Debts

Welp, during this week alone:

  1. The Hawks won the Stanley Cup,
  2. I get the keys to my new house in 5 days,
  3. I finally got new shoes and an awesome ‘Jaws’ tanktop…
  4. I just got my first paycheck from my rescue squad…
  5. AND I just paid back cousin Number 2 from my DUI debts…

This week isn’t going bad at all ūüôā


I’m so happy knowing this house situation is almost over. ¬†Soon as I get keys I’m going to start moving things. ¬†We don’t have to leave our current home until August 2nd, so that is plenty of time to start prepping the new place. ¬†I bought a cheap metal build-it-yourself shed to put in the backyard from Home Depot to store our riding lawnmower and some other random items, and most of my bedroom items are in the garage right now seeing as I got a new mattress and boxspring. ¬†My mom had a client move out of state a few months ago and the woman gave us a couch, and all my aforementioned bedding. ¬†Technically, I can set up half the new living room, and half my bedroom and still have items at the old house to keep grandpa comfy and me be able to sleep there if need be during July.

Its a tad small seeing as there is no basement and no garage for storage, but its a clean and cute house with hardwood floors, a fireplace, a huge fenced-in backyard for my dog. ¬†I don’t mind paying for a storage unit each month. ¬†Gotta deal with what we can get, and with the time my family wasted being picky on where we were to go… ¬†Yeah, we still got a good place.


Im not getting paid hourly at my rescue squad, seeing as we are “Volunteer”… but the stipend pay they instituted in May is definitely helping. ¬†My first check came in over this past Sunday and I was able to pull out $400 from it in order to pay back a cousin that lent me money for my DUI court fines two years ago, and still have over $200 left of that to call my own. ¬†I’ve now got two of my four cousins who lent me money paid off and only have another $1800 to go until my debts to them are paid. ¬†I hate having to give out huge amounts of cash like that, but its a must. ¬†They trusted me enough to give me a total of $2500 for court, and to not fuck up like I did, ever again. ¬†Therefore, no matter how long it takes (almost 2 years since court ended) I’m slowly but surely starting to put a dent in that loan. ¬†*Patience Young One*


And the fucking CHICAGO BLACKHAWKS won the 2013 Stanley Cup!!! ¬†If you don’t know how big a Hawks fan I am, just read my last blog… ¬†I went to the bar with some EMS and Cop friends and somehow, we pulled a miracle and went from 2-1 in the third, and seriously looking like we lost the cup… ¬†to scoring 2 goals in the last 2 minutes and winning that shit! ¬†It sucked that I had to work at 7am the next morning and couldn’t stay out and enjoy the win longer, but ehh… No big deal. ¬†There is always another year to bring home the Cup! ¬†Really wish I didn’t have to work Friday and Saturday so that I could go down to Chicago and see the parade!


Life hasn’t been easy or enjoyable for the last few months… ¬†I’m sad to see my grandpa lose his home of 40+ years shortly before his time ends (no he is still alive and kicking, just really old and sick), but I”m happy knowing he will be in a nice, clean, healthy home for him in his last days/weeks/months/possible years. ¬†I’m glad that stress is coming to an end. That will be replaced with moving/packing/unpacking stress, but that is better stress than I had. ¬†I’m glad he got to see his favorite hockey team bring home the Cup. ¬†I’m happy knowing I’m getting a check from my rescue squad after almost 4 years… ¬†I’m glad that I managed to get rid of a personal debt hanging over my head…

I can’t believe I’m saying this… ¬†but aside from the stress my mom gives me (which will always be life-long anyways), I really don’t have much else to worry about these days. ¬†All the recent bad is starting to clear up and I’m, dare I say it? ¬†Almost happy… ¬†I can’t stand my job, but its getting easier to deal with Doc as the months pass, and its a paycheck/job I’m lucky to have in this economy.


I’m almost to the point where I think I’m ready to head to Paramedic class (I’ll give that another year… and time to get in the prerequisites done first) and maybe even think about dating again. ¬†Unfortunately all the guys that are interested in me, I have no interest in them whatsoever, and the two I’m interested in aren’t interested in me… as far as I know ūüėČ


Dare I say or think that I can actually relax in my mental state? ¬†It may not last long, but for now… I can say that I’m a tad bit happy. ¬†And that is saying something!

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