Holy Hawks

HOLY BALLS of Lord Stanley’s Cup!

I looooooooooove me some NHL hockey.  I grew up on that shit.  I started out on double-bladed skates before I was even 5 years 0ld, and the next year I was playing hockey alongside my cousins.  I couldn’t always play the in the leagues they did because of money reasons, but everything they learned on the ice was taught to me, as well as everything I picked up watching NHL games or anything my grandpa taught me.

My grandpa’s best friend was Howie Young.  My mom (and the rest of my family) GREW UP on Blackhawks hockey… Granted, Howie spent more time on either the bench, or the minor teams (because of attitude and alcohol)… That is where the love, lust, and passion for the game came from in my blood line.   That is where my skills and love branched from.

Tonight Chicago brought the Cup home for the second time in 4 years.  THAT IS AWESOME!  I remember the 2010 win just as much as I do this one!

I met up with one of my cop coworkers, as well as one of my currents medics.  The plan was me, my current medic, a former medic, his wife, and one of my friends….  Well the former medic and his wife decided not to come out, and neither did my bestie.  We stayed and watched the game along with my cop friend.  Suddenly…  We were down 2-1 in the third with 1:16 left to go in the period, and suddenly we tied it up!  Looked like yet another game heading into overtime, but then 17 seconds later… we were up 3-2!!!  58 seconds and the game was lost/OVER!

The whole place went nuts!  This was my perspective from my seat:

The Stanley Cup is ours…  A week from now I will be moving to our new house…  All the things stressing me the last few months are over!  Now I can start to relax and try not to be so cranky and stressed all the time!

So here is to Crawford, Shaw, Sharp, Toews, Kane, Hossa, Stalberg, Handzus, Bolland, Emery, Keith, Saad, Bickell, Seabrook, ODUYA!, Frolik, Hjalmarsson, Carcillo, Leddy, Hayes, Smith, Bollig, Kruger, Rozsival, Brookbank, and the rest of the guys!

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