Your Lucky to Still Have Your Balls

People never fail to make me nauseous…


So, we (mom, grandpa, myself) finally met with the Realtor for that farmhouse I mentioned before.  I thought after handing in the applications and cash for the credit checks and background checks for all 3 of us ($180), that I would get an answer soon.

When my Realtor got back to me, the Realtor for the house then asked for pay stubs for all of us.  I turned in copies of my last three pay stubs from the Doc office, as well as a letter of “Active Volunteer in Good Standing”  from my rescue squad along with a news article stating the new stipend they were implementing for all volunteers, made copies of my moms tax return totals for the last 2 years (she is self-employed), and turned in a copy of the statement of the most recent SSI statement of my grandpa’s.

That has to be good right???
Guess not…

Well after I turned in all that information, the Realtor turned around and asked for my grandpa’s personal bank statements, claiming his statement letter from Social Security “wasn’t clear”, even though it stated the monthly amount my grandpa received.
{{{What the actual Fuck???}}}

«I thought that asking for personal bank statements was a little over the line.  I mean, what business is it of a Realtor or a landlord to see where someones money goes?  I mean, if I want to shop at a porn store or order some weird freaky shit from the internet, then whose business is it? NO ONES.   You have proof of my (and all potential tenants) income, so what freakin’ business is it of yours to know what I, or anyone else, decides to spend their money on???»

I put the annoying thought to the side and made my appointment to meet with the Realtor and Landlord.  My Realtor said they “just wanted to meet you and your family”.  Today at 3PM, we made the drive to the Realtor’s office to have what I deemed an ‘interview’.

First thing that pissed me off?  The landlord wasn’t even there.  It was his Realtor, who not to mention was rude, condescending  and cocky.  The second thing?  It was 80*, the AC in my car wasn’t working because I need an oil change, and I had to drag my 82-year-old grandpa into the car for an hour plus long trip, dragging a portable oxygen tank in hand, and AFTER the meeting?  The Realtor has the balls to ask if He* could come see Our* house to “See how you guys live”.  

“Oh, I have an appointment in (my town) tomorrow around 1PM.  Mind if I came by to see how you guys live?  See how you guys take care of your house now?”

HOLY FUCKING BATSHIT ARE YOU SERIOUS?  What kind of fucking nerve is that?!  It took everything in me to keep myself from jumping across the table and slapping the ever-loving shit out of this smug prick.  Thirdly… if you had an appointment in my town the next day, and you knew from my Realtor how difficult it was for my grandpa to get around because of his breathing issues… not to mention knowing that the prick planned on asking to see our current home, then why not pull all that shit in one slick move?  Offer to “be nice” and come do the meeting at our place.  Catch us off guard… catch us lying about the number of cats we actually have…  Oh, but I guess that gives me and my family the opportunity to kick you out for the way you would have talked to us and treat us, or my grandpa from pulling his gun out on your disrespectful, condescending self and making you shit your pants from talking to him the way you would have in his home!

One thing is for certain…  I’m getting in touch with my other realty contacts early in the morning.  I’m curious to know if they have heard of him, or know him…  I want to know how common it is for a Realtor to ask to see someones home before they decide to turn in that family’s application to a potential landlord, and whether or not that is even legal or ethical.  My home and my bank statements are NOT anyone’s business!

Until I know whether or not what this man is asking is right, he sure as hell isn’t stepping foot into this house!  He sure as hell isn’t coming into our home while my mom and myself are at work, and my grandpa who doesn’t have the physical strength to walk this stranger through our house and property accompanied, is home alone.  Shit, what if this guy is crazy?  Who the hell even knows.  After the way he treated us, I wouldn’t trust him in this house alone with my grandpa.  FUCK THAT!  I don’t care if that means losing the chance at this house.  We will go somewhere else before we give money too or allow someone who is that full of themselves to make money off of our bad situation!

4 Responses to Your Lucky to Still Have Your Balls

  1. Dodge says:

    Hmmmm i think you would be better off not dealing with this guy something tells me if you do rent the house you will end up with a serial pest on your hands,

    There is absolutely no valid reason that i can think of that someone would need to see private banking records all they are required to confirm is the ability to pay, and from the detail information you have provided then if he can not see the ability to pay then this guy really needs to go back to school.

    Just my thoughts on the matter

    • Well the guy never called to come by… my realtor sent me a message saying she has emailed him 2x already, and no answer. I’m pretty sure that means we aren’t getting the house. Sucks, I was really hoping for this place. It was almost perfect. Ohwell, the search starts over.

  2. Dodge says:

    well i hope the search ends soon and i do hope that your mother and grand father comes to the realisation that at this stage you really have to accept the fact that you always can not get what you want

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