A Kick to the Chest… Literally

My boobs hurt.
Well, the right one hurts.  The left one stopped hurting.


Have I ever told you how much I hate Xanax?  Yes, actually I believe I have.


UGH!  Seriously, Doctors need to quit handing that shit out like its fucking candy!  It’s pathetic how much our health system hands out drugs to people who don’t really need it, or are highly likely to abuse it or sell it.


A 19-year-old kid who has “anxiety” (and a huge drug arrest record) doesn’t need to be prescribed a high dose of freakin’ Xanax!  I understand that if used correctly, given in the right dose, and if prescribed to a responsible person then Yes, Xanax can be beneficial.  However, giving it to a kid who has been taken into the hospital time and time again for drug-related issues, doesn’t need to be given yet ANOTHER drug that he can abuse!  What the hell?  Seriously, I may only be a EMT-basic, but why can I see this whereas the Doctors can’t?


I’ve had multiple calls related to Xanax overdoses in my career.  However, this time around I was taken by total surprise.  I responded to a call of a ‘Unresponsive Person’, and the notes sent to my CAD didn’t have a whole lot of information as to what I was exactly walking into… so when I saw three cop cars on scene with a bunch of angry teenagers and other yelling neighbors, I double checked my pocket to make sure I could feel my knife.  I followed one of the cops inside and found a late-teens aged kid laying in his boxers unconscious   Not sure if he was still breathing, a good ol’ sternal rub brought him around… kinda.  Enough to make him start fighting.  When the kicking and swinging of his arms started, I watched one of my cops (tiny female, just like I am) jump on his chest to hold him down, and when the other cops weren’t inside yet and neither was the rest of my crew, I jumped on his legs to help restrain him.


By the time we had help, I had received two swift kicks straight to the chest (and I mean the meat, not the bone!) and managed to catch a third when he somehow slipped a foot free and jabbed it out.  Congratulations kid… your the first patient I’ve had that managed to actually inflict some pain on me.  I give you props.  


20 minutes of fighting, 4 restraint straps, and 3 sets of police issued handcuffs later, we were off to the hospital with the patient screaming the entire way in (a good 20-minute ride during afternoon rush hour mind you).  Reports from his “friends” on scene said he swallowed somewhere between 20-25 Xanax pills.  I was shocked.  I’ve never had a patient take that many Xanax and still be as (semi-)coherent as he was… not to mention, being able to maintain the amount of strength he had.  Jeez…


Now, I sit here cranky with the health system for over prescribing dangerous drugs to people who are only going to abuse him, rubbing and putting heat on my boobs (Sounds hot doesn’t it guys?).  Seriously, what kind of lies or bullshit does someone have to come up with to get a drug that strong?  I was a depressive/bi-polar for years (with a side of self-mutilation) and I still never got prescribed the “hard” stuff.  Thank God!  Because had I been given that strong of a medication at that time in my life (I was 18+ when I finally started taking meds), I know for a fact I would have used it the wrong way.  It would have been way to much of a temptation for the mindset that I had back in those days.


I was smart, and honest with my shrink… maybe that’s why.  Either way, these Doctors are schooled and should know enough to be able to spot a person that is a drug abuser on the way they talk,  and “No, that medication didn’t work, but Xanax might”  (if its not already in their file).  Either they know and don’t care, or the Doctors of my ‘Xanax OD’ patients have are morons.


*end rant*

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