Crazy Cat Lady Problems

So to add to all my stress with moving, packing, and the arguments ensuing with each a new stress has arisen.  I should have seen it coming, but with everything going on I guess I overlooked it…


I have to get rid of my cats.  Just so you all know, I am one of those “crazy cat ladies”.  I have 7 cats.  I got my first two in late 2004.  I took two of my cousins kittens when I was living with my high school boyfriend.  We couldn’t have a dog where we were at and I was going nuts without having a furry friend, so I opted for a cat over nothing at all.  I was never a big cat fan, but I wanted something soft and furry to call my own.

A few years ago my cousin was dating this crazy broad who went and bought a kitten without her parents permission.  They had a shit fit, and my cousin suggested that she could keep the kitten at my house.  We took the kitten after she agreed to buy food and litter.  Shortly after, she and my cousin broke up, and we never saw her again.

That kitten wasn’t fixed and soon enough she started sneaking out and as you would expect, ended up pregnant.  With the litter she had 5 kittens, one of which my mom fell in love with and we kept.  We didn’t smarten up, and soon Mama kitty ended up pregnant with a second litter (ugh).  Soon after, the kitten we kept started sneaking out with Mama cat, and we still didn’t wise up and get either of the girls fixed (money issues).  In the end, between both girls we had a total of 7 litters, and ended up with 6 cats…  mostly because we couldn’t find anyone that wanted kittens.  We still had one of the cats I got in High School, but the other one had run away (my guess is she had enough with all the baby cats and the other animals in the house).  The seventh cat is actually my cousins (the asshole one that used to live with us) and when he left our house, he left his cat here too.  ( BTW, the girls are both fixed now, so we haven’t had to worry about kittens for a while now 🙂 )

Now that we are moving, my cousin agreed to take his cat back.  So, that leaves us with 6.  The eldest cat is 9 years old and my mom refuses to get rid of her, its her “baby”.  The others range from almost 2 to 5 years old.  The two females that we have are first on the list to go.  We are trying to find a shelter that will take them, and keep them as a pair to whoever decides to adopt them.  The other 3 are males…   Seamus, who (as mean as it sounds) I wouldn’t be too sad to see leave because he is so stand-offish and skittish.  He never really bonded with anyone in the house and tends to do his own thing.  Then there is Kreacher, the youngest cat and my “baby”.  He sleeps with me every night, and is in my face the second he knows I’m awake in the morning.  When I got my teeth pulled, the only time he left my side was to eat and use the litter box.  The last one is Neville  (yes, for you who are familiar with Harry Potter, I named them after HP characters)… he is the troublemaker.  He is also my grandpas best friend and keeps him company during the day while me and mom are at work.  He is also my dogs buddy.  He gets into everything, but is such a lover.  He gives ‘love nibbles’ when you wont pay attention to him, and can carry on a meowing conversation with you.


I’ll admit… 7 cats is a lot to have (like I said, I’m the crazy cat lady).  The food and litter expense is ridiculous, especially when I can only (usually) afford to buy the $5 bag from the dollar store.  However, as any animal lover or pet owner knows… its hard to just dump your animals, especially if you’ve had them for a while.  My dog is going to be 11 years old, and we refuse to get rid of him.  You can’t do that to a dog that age…  So him, I’m not worried about.

But muh kittehs!!!  I’m terrified   I don’t know how I’m supposed to choose.  We are thinking we can get away with trying to keep two.  Most of the places we are looking into are fine with two cats, and the people whom we have actually talked to about the houses we are seeing are fine with our dog.  Mom wants to keep the oldest cat and one of the other females.  However, I want to keep Neville and Kreacher.  See how this is becoming an issue?  I proposed, to make it fair… she and I each choose one cat.  That didn’t go well with mom.  Tonight we finally agreed that we will both choose one, and then I tried convincing her to keep Neville as well.  My dog and my Grandpa need him.  She agreed, but we will see what happens once we finally get a place.


It just sucks.  I  my animals.  I’m not one of those people who gets an animal and dumps them a year or so later because of whatever reason.  I’ve known a few people who do that, and its disgusting.  If your not willing to invest time, love, and money into an animal… then DON’T.   Its not fair to them.  (ehh, sorry… animal lover coming out of me…)

Hopefully things work themselves out.  This whole ‘getting rid of the cats’ thing is only adding to my already ridiculously high stress level.  The packing is still underway (like I said, 40 years worth of household items).  Tonight I cleaned out the bathroom.  There is so much shit in this house, that I found a tube of Preparation-H that expired in 1996!  Not to mention, tomorrow night is my 12 hour rescue shift, and then I go back in on Friday night for my 24 hour shift.  Just more time away from home, when I really need to be here helping with the house, or be available to go with my mom to look at yet another place.

Can I get that 24 hour emotional break yet???

5 of my Babies

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