It’s like pulling teeth… Literally.

I finally managed to come up with something new to write about!!!



I got my two upper wisdom teeth pulled last Thursday.

Midazolam (aka Versed) is a wonderful drug.  It really is.  We use it on the ambulance to knock out patients who need to be intubated, so when I heard that was what my dentist was going to use for my wisdom teeth removal, I was thrilled.

I can’t remember when my first wisdom tooth broke, I’d guess about 2 years ago.  Shortly after, the second one busted.  I dealt with it for over a year because it never bothered me, and honestly I didn’t have the cash to hand out to get them yanked.  That, and I wasn’t exactly amused by the idea of going to the dentist in the first place.  Then in November of last year, I re-broke the wisdom tooth on the upper left side.  After that, I started having pain on and off and broke down and went to a dentist.  The pain went away again, so I went back to ignoring the fact that he told me they should be pulled ASAP.

I managed to put it off for another 4 months until about two and half weeks ago…  I had some pain getting steadily worse on the left side for a few days until it finally came to head… while I was on shift at the firehouse, and broke into tears because it was so unbearable.  I bit the bullet and as soon as I had half of the payment saved, I made an appointment and had them yanked the eff out.  Holy Batshit! 

Well, I’m almost 4 days post surgery and its killing me.  The removal went great… I don’t remember a damn thing.  Well, kinda…  I remember getting there, being brought to the back and made to use the bathroom.  I remember the dental assistant giving me Hydroxyzine to “clear my sinuses and help absorb the sedative more effectively”.  I remember taking the Versed mixed with grape juice (to help it taste less shitty, yeah still tasted like ass).  I remember my vitals being taken, and then it all goes black.  Mostly.  I remember waking up momentarily and asking why they woke me up.  Then the Nitrous Oxide mask being put back on.  Then it really goes black.

I don’t remember the surgery, being woken up, the ride home, getting home, getting into my pajamas, or nothing.  I do remember my coworker from the ambulance waking me up to tell me he was leaving to go to shift (He was my driver for the surgery).  He was awesome enough to stay with me for hours while I slept through the rest of my sedation.  Hopefully he entertained himself by watching TV or something… lol

That was the awesome part…. The shitty part?  The right side of my face is swollen to all hell, and that wasn’t even the side that was giving me pain!  Now, I knew that this wasn’t going to be painless and with the fact that I hadn’t really seen a dentist in years, my teeth were crap… but I didn’t expect this much swelling and pain!  I got a prescription of Vicoden that consisted of 20 pills and I’m already down to six pills.  I’ve been trying to save them by taking copious amounts of extra strength Tylenol and using over the counter sleep aids to help me sleep through some of the pain.

Everyone (including the dentist staff/directions) told me soft foods for the first few days… okay that’s fine and dandy, however when your still so sore that you can’t fit a spoon in your mouth, the soft foods don’t really matter.  I look like a 2-year-old, most of the food missing my mouth and ending up on my chin because I just can’t open my jaw wide enough to not cause jolts of severe pain to shoot through my face.  In the last 3 days, I’ve had 3 jello cups, 1 pudding cup, 1 milkshake eaten with a spoon, an ice cream from McDonald’s, 2 cans of Spaghetti-O’s, 1 bowl of soup, 1 bowl of white rice and an order of mashed potatoes from KFC.  Needless to say, I’m starving!  I want a pepperoni pizza from Pizza Hut, I want a steak… I want some damn chicken nuggets and french fries!

At this point, the left side of my face (the one giving me all the initial pain) is absolutely fine.  Its a tad bit tender, but I can rub or touch that side of my face without wanting to fall over in pain, whereas the right side is swollen at least 5x the size of its normal and causes me pain with the slightest of touch or movement of the jaw.  I had asked the dentist if I could keep my pulled teeth, and so I decided to give them a look over to see if I could figure out why one hurt more than the other…  Sure enough:


Yup… That’s a piece of my jaw stuck to the tooth on the R

   I was able to figure out by the shape of the breakage on the top of each tooth, that the one in the right of the picture was the Upper Right Wisdom tooth.  They must have had to ‘saw’ part of it off of the bone, because the other tooth is perfectly smooth.  The roots, as you can see, are pretty much all formed together, instead of being apart, so I guess the one dentist who told me years ago that I had “enough room” in my mouth to keep them, was wrong.

So far, I’ve only missed one day at work and one shift at the firehouse.  I’m hoping that my mouth will feel a bit better by Monday so that I can get back to work and not take to much of a hit on my paycheck.  I can’t afford to take any more time off of work, but I’m also not about to go in all narced out on Vicoden.  If by Monday I’m still in this level of pain, then I’ll have to take another day off.  My health is more important than overdoing it at work if I’m not ready to go back.


Just for fun, here is a shot of why they needed to get pulled in the first place

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