House Hunting, Part Duh

So yeah, that house I found online the other night?  AVAILABLE!   I (and my mom) actually ended up meeting the Realtor and checking out the house the next day.  It was absolutely perfect!  Actually, it was more perfect than the online ad showed.  Aside from all the awesome details, affordable price, and being pet friendly, there were perks not even listed on the ad…

Like the fact that within the basement, there was a walk-in closet with a whole wall of shelving and another for hanging clothes,  as well as a separate storage room with a WASHER and DRYER!  Hell, the dishwasher in the kitchen was enough to get me excited, but to see that it came with a washer and dryer, I was damn near in heaven.  Our dryer had been fixed so many times, and finally about a year ago the motor straight up took a shit.  Not only would this place mean no more hand washing dishes, it would mean no more weekly trips to the laundry-mat!

The size of the bedrooms were perfect for my mom and grandpa, and one of the bedrooms was connected to the garage.  Perfect in the sense that it makes getting to the car so much easier for my grandpa whenever he would need to go to a doctor appointment, not to mention… a garage is more storage room!!!  With all the extra room that wasn’t mentioned on the ad, it really does make the place perfect!  Here… lemme show you some pics from the inside:

The Back Porch

The Back Porch

Living Room (view 1)

Living Room (view 1)

Living Room (View 2)

Living Room (View 2)

One of the Bedrooms

One of the Bedrooms

The Kitchen

The Kitchen

Dining Room

Dining Room



























































Yeah.  Needless to say, I had my back ground and credit check forms filled out and in the Realtor’s box that night, even though I was on shift.  Like I mentioned, the house is in my rescue district and the Realty office was only a block from the station.  Made things easy. The lady told me that there was another person coming to check the place out 2 days later, so I didn’t want to waste time.  She called me on Friday and told me that my credit came back…  “Nothing going against you, just nothing much on it.  But little credit is better than bad credit”.  I had taken the Realtor’s advice and wrote a letter to the Renter, explaining my story and pleading my case.  I had my shift commander (who also does realty on the side) help me fill out all the paperwork, and write the letter.  So, like before… fingers and toes are still crossed, maybe a little harder this time though…

The frustrating part?  I mentioned my mom came with me to look, she also fell in love with the place and even started crying to the Realtor (*rolls eyes, kicks mom to shut up and stop making a fool of herself*).  But later that night, when I called mom to tell her I submitted the applications and paid the money for the credit check, she starts flipping out about the distance from where we live now, and how is anyone going to come see Grandpa?, and blah blah blah.  JESUS FREAKING CHRIST WOMAN!

This happens every time.  Every time we get a stroke of good luck, someone who was willing to help us, or some thing that was within our range… Nothing is, or was ever good enough.  She doesn’t get that she has to suck it the fuck up, and deal with being a few miles further from work, or deal with ending up on the streets.  We are seriously running out of time and can’t afford to keep looking until something “Perfect for Moms Needs” comes along.  Turns out that my grandpa is in SO DEEP with this whole foreclosure issue, that we only have 30 days from the Sell-By Date, which is 3/28/13.  Turns out, no one has claims on this house but the bank.  When my grandma died, grandpa wasn’t transferred to the loan on the house, so its like a ghost lease…  He paid the bills best he could from 2006 until 2011 when he got sick and thought he would die, so until 2011 the bank didn’t bitch because they were getting some money.  Now that they aren’t, they want the house and want us out.

More information just keeps popping out of the woodwork.  Its re-cock-ulous.  Like I’ve mentioned in other blogs, the house is falling apart and become a health hazard.  Sometimes I wish I could just burn it to the ground.  I know there are memories in this house, I have thousands of my own… but it’s just not a happy or healthy place anymore.  My grandpa deserves to spend the rest of his time in a healthy place…

I’m sick of the bullshit from my mom, and the bullshit from the rest of the family.  If my aunts bitch so much about the distance where we’d be compared to now… then why don’t they come see him more, seeing as they are only a few blocks away versus a few miles?  They don’t take care him… ME AND MOM DO.  Oh, wait my one Aunt does his laundry every few weeks… But I guess if we had a working washer/dryer than she would have no point in his life!  Cry me a river.  Come see your father to come see him, not to do his laundry.  Oh, and if we were further away than my other Aunt and cousins wouldn’t be able to come by for free dinners a few times a week (that MY MOM pays for) Okay… a bit off point with that last bit.

*shakes head*

I don’t think its selfish that I’m concerned with having a roof over our heads and place to sleep at night without the fear of changed locks or the Sheriff throwing our shit to the street.  Am I such a horrible person for seeing the severity of the situation?  For doing all the work I’ve done to find a place?  For seeing the truth in our family?  No I don’t.  I think I’m a damn good fucking granddaughter.  I could very well give mom and grandpa the finger and move out on my own.  Even with the money I owe family.  I could go off on my own, forget about the issues here, and just worry about my rent and squirrel away small amounts until I pay everyone off……………  But I can’t.  I’m (believe it or not) that cold-hearted.  Chances are, no matter how much I hate it and how much I bitch about it, I’m not going to move out until my grandpa passes away.  I can’t leave him.  I won’t leave him.

So… ergo, the stress and bitching will continue until we figure out what is going to happen, where we are going to go.  Once that is figured out, I’ll just start freaking out and bitching about other things 😉

2 Responses to House Hunting, Part Duh

  1. Dodge says:

    Leah I know what your going through and even through my own experience’s I know the chances of it getting any better is dependant on everyone pulling together to make it happen as 1 person can not be expected to bear all the burden and then expect a happily ever after outcome. The only advice I can offer is hang in there and try to make your mother see that there is only two choices move to where ever it is so that you can have a roof over your head, or live in the street.

    I do hope all works out for the best

  2. Thanks Dodge… I tried, and failed. She and my grandpa are ignorant and still seem to think that we have all the time in the world, all the while reminding me that we have XX amount of days left. At this point, there are less than 30 days (according to Gramps) and we still have no prospects. We spend each day packing (most of which is from 40 years in the house and unneeded). I hope things work out… I’d hate to end up leaving the two of them to fend for themselves. But at the same time, I will NOT let myself end up on the streets because of their ignorance and stupidity…. Still, I am trying to pry their eyes open to the realness of the situation.

    Thanks love. 🙂

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