Girls Night in the City

Please do not read if you are under 18, or easily offended by adult content.


Leah fidgeted as she felt the soft bristles run across her right eyelid.  She hated make-up, barely ever wore any unless she was on the prowl for a good time… or going out with the girls.  Veronica was enjoying every minute of the torture and Leah could hear the pleasure in her voice every time Veronica yelled at her to sit still.  She was all to aware of Leah’s hatred for most things feminine, and indulged anytime Leah asked her to dress her up or do her make-up.

Veronica dressed Leah in a pair of dark-denim straight-legged jeans, holes ripped through the denim spotting her legs, including a well placed hole near her asscheek.  The top she put Leah in was more her style, a hot-pink push-up bra underneath a ripped mesh top that hung off the shoulder and gripped her abs, landing three inches above her waist line.  Leah had tried to pull on a pair of her converse shoes, her neon pink ones, before Veronica yelled at her and produced what she called, a “surprise”, a pair of 4 inch heels.  Leah about died, and tried arguing that she would likely trip and break her neck. Veronica nearly had to wrestle her just to get the shoes onto Leah’s feet.

Just then, Morgan’s face popped into the door frame to Leah’s room, laughing at the sight of Veronica trying to force high heels on Leah’s feet.  “You know, if you don’t watch out she’s gonna kick you right in the face.” Morgan snorted.  “I don’t care, she’s not wearing Converse to the club!” Veronica replied.

“Fine!!!” Leah yelled, “Lets just get fucking going already.  It takes over an hour to get to the damn city. ”

Leah and Veronica screamed in excitement, and Leah got up.  The two girls ran over to Morgan and hugged her tight.  She had just flew in from Washington and they hadn’t seen her in years.  Tonight was all about celebration, drinking, doing what girls do, and most likely getting into trouble of some kind.  Good thing they booked a hotel room in the city. The girls said their “Hellos” and exchanged multiple hugs before standing in front of Leah’s large mirror and perfecting the final touches of their looks.

They all stopped in the kitchen on the way out the door.  Leah grabbed three double-tall shot glasses and poured Morgan’s favorite Vodka, Effen Black Cherry.  They toasted to a wonderful night and visit before slugging the burning liquid down their throats. They piled into Leah’s little yellow Jeep, blasting everything from Luke Bryan, to Matchbox 20, to Shakira, to Eminem as they hit the road.

An hour later the lights of the city started to appear and they did the best the could to find the hotel.  They got to their room and unloaded their bags, drinking shots of Effen and waiting for the call that their cab was there. The phone rang after their 3rd shot, and the girls made their way to the cab and out to the club.

Once there they went straight to the bar.  They each ordered a double Vodka and headed to the dance floor.  An hour went by filled with sweat, grinding on each other and hot random men, and more drinks.  The club echoed with popular dance songs, and the girls were having a blast.  Leah found herself bumping into the same guy multiple times, and exchanging looks with him.  Twenty minutes later, Leah screamed over the music that she had to go to the bathroom and to have a drink for her when she got back.

Leah struggled to get to the bathroom, not because she was drunk, but because of the 4 inch heels she was forced to wear that night.  She got to the door, only to be met with a line 20 girls long.  She sighed to herself and leaned against the tile wall, kicking off the heels and bringing her right foot up and rubbing it.  Her head was leaned back against the wall, eyes closed, giving her feet an orgasm, when someone tapped her on the shoulder.  Leah opened her eyes and saw the cute stranger she had been bumping into on the dance floor.

“You know… if you really have to go… The men’s room is empty.  No one will mind.”

At that point, Leah didn’t care.  She had to pee so bad, it didn’t matter what bathroom she used, or who saw.  Leah pushed herself past the hot stranger, and entered the Mens Room.  She went to the first stall, and felt great as she did her business   She walked to the mirror checking her make-up, only to be shocked to see the attractive stranger standing behind her.

She gasped aloud, startled that he had apparently followed her into the mens room.  The 5’11, black-haired, green-eyed stranger was standing, staring at her.  Leah turned around, her hands gripping the marble of the sink tightly.  It seemed the stranger sensed her emotions.

“Relax.  I’m not going to hurt you” he said

“As if you could” she retorted.  The gorgeous stranger took two steps towards her, Leahs hands letting go of the sink.  He took 3 more steps, his body 5 inches away from hers.  Her hands reached out to defend herself if needed, only to find the strangers hands snaked through her fingers.  His green eyes stared down at her; deep into her eyes, hypnotizing her.  Even if she wanted to get away at this point, there wasn’t a way in Hell that she could shake herself out of the trance she was suddenly in.

His muscular arm pulled a hand free and he guided it to her face, lightly stroking his finger down the side of her left cheek.  His thumb brushed her lip, Leah found herself kissing it, tasting sweet sweat on his skin.  His fingers wrapped around the back of her neck, guiding her face upwards and pressed a set of firm lips against hers.  A hard tongue pushed its way between her lips, meeting hers.  Leah’s breath was lost, her eyes still open but vision blurring.  She felt herself leave the floor, an arm wrapped around her grabbing her ass and lifting her onto the marble counter-top of the sink.

Their lips were crushing against each other  Leah felt hair between her fingers as her hands moved to his head, pulling and panting lightly as she felt his lips leave hers and trail down to her neck.  His lips kissed over her exposed collarbone.  She felt fingers on the button of her pants, her ass once again in the air as she felt him tearing them from her skin.  The pants hit her ankles, her 4-inch heals clacking as they hit the tiled floor.  The marble was cold against her warm skin, sending a shock through her spine.  A hand moved from her ass and she felt fingers brushing her mound before they slipped down and forced their way between her now-dripping pussy lips.

His fingers felt amazing, but she didn’t have time to fully register it before he pulled at her mesh top and pulled her bra down as she felt him suck her left nipple into his mouth. Leah heard her moans echo through the mens bathroom.  She was dizzy as she felt his fingers and lips inside and on her, still not the alcohol, but the way the strangers hands felt on her body.

The muscular stranger lifted Leah into the air, pushing her back against the mirror.  Her legs landed on his shoulders, his arms and hands pushing against the mirror holding her petite body.  His face disappeared between her thighs, and Leah discovered how skilled the black-haired stranger was with his tongue.  Minutes passed by that seemed like forever as she moaned to the touch of his wet tongue dancing against her swollen clit.  She felt her juices sliding between his face and her skin.

He pulled his face from her pussy after he lapped up the strands of clear pussy juice clinging between their physical connection.  He let Leah slid back to the cool counter top, the cold sending goosebumps over her skin once again.  His strong arms pulled Leah from sitting on the surface, and turned her around, placing her stomach against the counter top, her toes just barely touching the floor.  She was thankful she couldn’t reach the cold tiles beneath her.

Leah barely heard the sound of his belt or the zipper of his jeans before she felt the rough thrust of a large cock being shoved into her wet hole.  She gasped as she felt him plow into her, feeling like she had just been ripped open.  She grabbed the faucet in front of her and held on for dear life as she felt him barrel into her, over and over again.

She could hear the “uhhs” and the other grunts and groans coming from his throat, mixed with the gasps and squeals coming from her own mouth.  Her pussy was being worked over good, and could tell that not only did he have girth, but he had length too.  She guessed by the stabbing feeling coming close to her stomach with each hard thrust he must have been 8 inches, maybe nine.  Small screams stared escaping her lips as she felt his power build, wondering how she was still on one piece.

Leah felt her body tense, her pussy started to tighten and grip at his cock.  She felt her orgasm building.  As it washed over her, she didn’t realize it but she had started screaming, moaning, and gasping all at once.  She felt his strong fingers holding her hip, and the other set of fingers reach around her and push at her clitty.  She didn’t think it possible, but her orgasm intensified and she shook as the feeling overtook her body completely.

The electricity was leaving Leah’s body when she felt the stranger tighten up inside her.  She could feel his cock tense and twitch inside her cunt as his cock filled with cum before the inevitable release, inside her or not.  She hopped that he didn’t, she didn’t want to feel his cum dripping out of her lower lips the rest of the night, her own juices continued dripping would be enough.  Soon after she finished her thought she felt her pussy empty, his large, thick cock gone.  She heard him grunt a few times before she felt a hard squirt of warm liquid hit her ass cheek.

Leah stayed leaned against the counter top until she heard his grunts stop.  She heard him reach for his pants, and she hopped down doing the same.  She grabbed a paper towel from the dispenser and wiped his cum from her ass before she slid the tight denim back on.  She reached for the shoes, glaring at them evilly as she pulled them back on.  The two strangers stood in the mirror making sure each of them looked respectable before exiting the bathroom.

She lost him in the crowd as she rejoined her friends.  When she reached the girls, they comment on her long bathroom trip.  Leah grabbed the drink out of Morgans hand as she made her excuses about the long line for the ladies room.  She ignored the slim straw, and swallowed the strong drink on one gulp, parched from her secret escapades.  She dropped the cup to the floor, her body melting into the rhythm of the music blaring through the club.

As she was dancing, a body bumped into her.  Leah turned ready to spit an angry remark at whoever.  When she turned, she saw the green-eyed, black-haired stranger behind her.  Their eyes locked once more, and she saw him wink.

The night was still early, and she knew that wouldn’t be the last she saw of him before the trip to the city was over.

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