That bitch we call ‘Money’

Remember the scene in “Phenomenon’ where John Travolta’s character is in his mechanic garage, and some fat character is saying he needs his truck but is low on cash, and then John Travolta is like, “Well I need solar panels installed on my roof”, and the fat guy is like “I don’t know anything about solar panels”, and then Travolta goes “Well Charlie Shepard does and he needs a well dug on his property.  You help him dig the well, He’ll help me the panels, and I’ll fix your car, Deal?”  and the fat guy goes “Yeah deal.  I’ll call Charlie. “

Have I ever told you how much I hate money?  I’m almost sure this is just a rewrite of a previous entry… Either fucking way…  I really fucking hate it.  Why can’t it be like the old times?  Where skills and knowledge were bartered for what you needed done, instead of the money burden.  I swear, as soon as I get something paid off, I end up with another huge dent in my budget.  It seems like my car wants to suck up my entire paycheck these days…  In the last 3 months I’ve replaced the thermostat housing unit, the water pump $500 something), my rear brakes took a shit one week after I paid that set of repairs off, and that was another almost $300, and then this week my battery finally died (granted it was 5 years old) and that was another $125.  I swear Veronica (my car) is never going to let me get of my feet.  She will never die, and never get to the point that I have to dump her, but only haunt me with repairs.  Ugh, stupid car.

I put a small chip in the $2500 I owe family, but with the rate things are going with car repairs and the timing in my paycheck from car insurance and my cellphone bill, it feels like its going to take forever just to be able to save up the next chunk of cash I need to pay back.  Thankfully I don’t have to worry about rent or god-forbid, an ankle bitter…  I know some people reading this are like, “Yeah, as if you have money issues”.  I do, just on my level, not yours.   This weekend alone I lost $200 because of my mom’s own screw up at work having to replace a clients lock cause it was frozen.  I gave her the money I had saved, and then the next day is when my car battery died.  She isn’t going to pay me back, and I had to end up borrowing money from my grandpa, that I have to pay back… So boom, out $200.  Lame.

Gas in my area is $3.89/gallon right now.  I don’t bitch about it, because lets face it… I need gas to get around, but shit… That is not a whole lot after I dump in $20.  It’s not even half a tank.  And to all you people driving gas-guzzling SUV’s, shut-up.  You bought the thing, so deal with it.  I drive a ’03 Ford Focus….  Its good on gas and all… but no matter what, $20 doesn’t go far in anybody’s gas tank these days.

Want a cellphone?  Bill.  Want to drive?  Insurance, gas, repairs.  Want to live on your own?  Rent.  Have kids?  Holy shit lets not even get into those numbers…  In the words of the Joker, “Hubba, hubba, hubba.  Money, money, money.”  Everything is money.  The world revolves around it.  The more you make, the more they take… Unless of course your some rich Republican.

I just hate this feeling of being so behind for my age.  I can’t believe the difference from where I am now, to where I was when I was between the ages of 19 and 22.  Then, I had my own apartment, I paid the rent on time (if not a day or two behind), my cellphone was never shut off, my car insurance was always paid, I managed to have Comcast most of the time, always had gas to get to work, fridge and cabinets stocked with food, and even had enough money for weed (give me a break, it was a long time ago, before I even got into EMS).  Back then I was only making $9.50/hour and working MAYBE 40 hours a week, in a porn shop…  Now I work in a Doctors office, only make $10/hour, work 40+ hours a week and don’t even get paid overtime.  Stupid Obama… stupid 9/11… Stupid economy dive…  Stupid money.  Oh money, how I loath thee…….

I know I’m just bitching, and I will get back on my feet…  I guess I’m just getting a tab bit impatient with myself, the economy, and the fact that I figured I’d be better of than I am at this age and point in my life.  Not to mention, the previously mentions about the impending foreclosure on my grandpa’s house has got me freaked out too…

Good things come to those who wait… that’s the old saying, right?  So I just need to keep at it… keep putting out job apps, just be patient, and try to see the good and keep my eyes open for an opportunity.  I know if I try really effing hard, then I should be able to pay back two more cousins…  Then, the last large chunk of personal debt can be paid off in time.

“Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, just keep swimming swimming… “

(What the hell is with me and movie quotes tonight?)

2 Responses to That bitch we call ‘Money’

  1. Henry says:

    Just a thought, not long ago you didn’t have a job, now you do, its getting better slowly. Hang in there

    • True, I am working now. And yes it will take time. I get that. I’m thankful to have a job, but with other issues going on, its a serious time problem. It’s not much an hour, and I work 40+ a week, but dont get overtime. It’s hard knowing the black cloud hanging over me and my family. (read the last few entries for details)

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