What Makes You Think That Will Work?

I came across this news story today…


My first thoughts reading this news story?  ‘What the Fuck?’ , ‘Are you serious?’, and ‘You gotta be shitting me’ are just a few of them.  A lot of you will probably disagree with me, and then again, a lot of you might not.  Doesn’t bother me either way, so there!

In the wake of the Sandy Hook Shooting, the controversial subject of Gun Control has been forced down the throats of all of us once again.  People are up in arms (yes, I had to use the pun) about stricter laws, regulation, background checks… the argument goes on and on and on and ooooooon….

I believe in the 2nd Amendment (and I quote);

“A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” 

You want a gun?  Okay, cool.  Do I care about guns?  Not really.  Do I care if you have a gun?  Or my neighbor has a gun?  If my crew member has a gun?  If the little old lady down the block has a gun?  No, I give a shit.  I do however, care about guns getting into the wrong hands.  I’m glad that there are laws and background checks for the attempts at screening those “wrong hands”.  Do I think they are enough?  Not sure, because I’m not going to absorb myself into the huge argument that is gun control debate.  What I do believe is this:  No matter the regulation, no matter the laws (or how strict they are/become), no matter what; if someone really wants to, and tried hard enough, they will and can get a hold of a gun.  In my opinion, it is no different from illegal drugs, the banning of alcohol in “dry” areas, or any number of “regulated” or illegal activities.  Drugs are illegal, yet there are drug addicts.  Alcohol is illegal (in some places) and still poses problems in said areas.  Hacking is illegal, yet there were two major breaches over the weekend. [Insert numerous other illegal activity debates here] If someone wants something, or to do something… and they want it bad enough, then they can, and mostly likely will get it.

With that said, we go back to the issue of the climbing numbers of mass shootings that have happened not only last year, but have been growing over the last decade…  With Sandy Hook, ideas were cried that I had never heard before.  Such as putting armed guards in schools.  I’m sure it happens in other places over the world, but right now I am talking about my country, the great “US of A”.  Parents are terrified to send their children to school these days, and that is a sad thought.  A school should be a safe place, but as we have learned, no place is safe anymore.  Do I think its a good idea to put armed guards in schools?  No I don’t.  Do I think its a good idea to train teachers and other faculty members on gun safety and maybe having a gun carried within the school, every day switching hands so that no student would no what faculty member was “packing” that day?  Maybe, depending on the school and its surrounding atmosphere.  Once again, the theory of “the wrong hands” comes into play.

The next crazy thing I heard?  The article in the news causing this semi-political gun rant…  Cary Grove High School, located in Cary, Illinois is going to be conducting what they are calling a “Code Red” Drill.  Apparently, they are not the first school to do so.  Another school in Illinois conducted a similar drill on Dec 18, 2012, but without the added dramatic effects I’m about to describe.

If your to lazy to read the article, the basic shtick is Cary Grove High School will be running a drill for school shootings.  They plan a 15-20 minute drill consisting of a ‘lock-down’, where students and faculty take “designated” positions, draw blinds, and lock doors of the class rooms.  The big issue I’m having with this so-called drill?  The starter gun filled with blank ammunition they plan on shooting off within the school.   The excuse for the gun?  “In an effort to provide our teachers and students some familiarity with the sound of gunfire.”.  BULLSHIT.  As one parent in the article points out wonderfully, not every gun sounds the same.

My second issues with this?  The evacuation plan.  Lets say a school hold this drill, and then months later a shooting happens.  If the shooter is a student, or a faculty member, then they will have knowledge about what will happen, how it will happen, what to expect, and even worse… if there are multiple shooters, knowledge on how to best position themselves outside of the building and pick of the innocent people running for their lives, to what they are believing to be safety.

I do think however, that with recent events and the escalation of school-related gun violence over the years, that a school-shooting drill is (sadly) becoming almost as necessary as the tornado, fire, and bus evacuation drills I did each year in school.  Do I think we need to bring in actual guns and fill them with fake bullets, letting them go in the halls?  No.  What about the special education kids?  How will they handle being put through a “fake school shooting”? Depending on their mental capacities, some of those kids will no be able to comprehend that its “just a drill”.  Even kids without mental handicaps, can end up traumatized from a situation like this, whether its made clear that its a drill and social workers are available.  Can we handle the blame of a “drill” putting a kid into PTSD?  Or causing them anxiety issues?  I don’t think a lot of people in the country would be ready for that blame.

I don’t know.  I hate getting all political-y.  Its just not my thing.  I believe in right from wrong, common sense, and taking responsibility for yourself and your actions.  However, its not an easily understood world anymore, and hasn’t been for quite some time.  Nothing is black and white, and the shades of grey in between are many.  I am not a parent, and glad that I’m not living in fear of sending my kid to school each day.  But I can almost guarantee that the fear will still be a reality by the time I do have a kid/s and send them off to school.  Especially if things don’t change in someway… somehow.  Trust me, I don’t have the answers.  I just have my beliefs, opinions, and thoughts on what I feel is right.  And in my gut, I don’t feel like what Cary Grove High School is doing on Jan 30, 2013 is right.

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