Just Another “Girl Feels Fat” Rant

I get that I’ve bitched about it recently, I do…  
However, knowing the scale at my house 
and the one at my job are both off
by who knows how many pounds, 
I haven’t been sure of my current weight…

Went to the Doc the other day, and of course I had to get weighed.  

The damage?
*Deep Breath* Here goes….

156 Lbs.  


I about shit myself.  I’m only 5’0.
According to all the medical weight/height charts
I’m classified as “Extra Large”.  
Nope, not gonna happen… Er, I mean not going to stay that way.
My goal is a “Small” Frame {104-115 lbs}

Now before anyone jumps up my ass about being shallow or vain… 
Understand where I’m coming from…
I’m only 5’0, and since HS I’ve fit into nothing but size 5’s or 7’s.  I just want to get back down to that

So here’s to a change.  My plans:

1) No More Soda – Only water, juice, or Gatorade.
2) No More Beer – Drinking will be limited to social functions and outings.
3) Smaller Meal Portions
and with that…
4) No More “One Meal a Day” shit. 

 {I need to start eating like a normal person, on a normal schedule.  You know… That one meal in the beginning of the day… I think its called “Breakfast”???
And no more dinner meals after 8 PM.}
5) Lemonade Diet
6) Gym Membership

{Hey, I can afford one, why not?  
It will give me an actual reason to go work out so I don’t waste the money.}
7) Start taking advantage of the work-out equipment at the firehouse in-between calls
8) Regulating my sleep patterns.  Sounds dumb, but it will actually help.  

*Le Sigh*  
There is one thing I will miss about my weight gain…  
My boobs are huuuuge, like they no-longer fit in my bra’s or hands huge…  
Of course, as soon as the weight starts coming off
its Bye-Bye Big Boobs.  

Oh-well, I’d rather my boobs be smaller and be more happy, physically healthy and 
able to fit into my EMS clothes and favorite pair of jeans again than have huge boobs.
Besides if I really want big boobs, there’s always surgery

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