Paying off Debts at Christmas


  • Cousin L* – $300
  • Cousin M* – $400
  • Cousin A* – $600
  • Cousins M* and D* – $1,200

I am finally, after a year and a half, starting to make a dent into the $2500 that I owe my family.  It’s awesome to know that I’ll have one out of four people paid back on Christmas Eve!

As painful as it was, pulling $300 out of my bank account and stuffing it into a Christmas card and sealing the envelope… It feels awesome to know I am finally able to start whittling away at this mountain of personal debt.  The painful part lies simply in the fact that as of today, I only have $150 left until my next paycheck (which will come sometime after NYE), thanks to an emergency brake job on my rear tires, paying my car insurance, Christmas presents and other miscellaneous necessities.

These last 3 years have sucked for me financially.  I went from employed (twice), to unemployment benefits, to finally finding a job in a Doctors office.  Even though my training ended a month and a half ago, I still haven’t been taken off of training pay.  It sucks seeing as I could really use the extra money per hour.  The Doc is a full-of-himself prick and I get blamed for shit that went on before I even worked there, and I’m still looking for a different job… for the moment I grin and bear it, thinking about rainbows and kittens each time he yells at me, and remind myself how lucky I am to actually have a job… and even luckier it’s a job close to my EMT license.

I’m glad that Christmas is here though, regardless of not being able to splurge on gifts for anyone…  Its my favorite holiday of the year.  Not because of gifts, but because of my family.  We have a huge get together at one of (my 5) great-aunts houses.  Each year, at least 50 or more of us Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, friends-of-the-family, of all generations get together and eat an old-fashioned Italian meal, adult spirits, sing Christmas songs and wait for Santa to show up and hand out gifts to all the young kids (yes we have our own Santa, and he just so happens to be a Jew!).  We then spend the rest of the night talking, taking pictures and catching up on each others lives.  I love it.  I look forward to it each and every year.  

This year will be one of the best.  I get to enjoy my niece (who is three) finally get to understand the whole “present” thing and have a ball with it…  I get to pay off a family member who isn’t expecting it, and I get to have one of my “father-daughter” talks with my cousin D*.  I refer to it that way, because if I were getting married tomorrow, my cousin D* is the one who gets the honors of walking me down the aisle and the ‘Father/Daughter’ dance.

Ahh, less than 48 hours until I get to enjoy my favorite part of the year.  All my aunts are starting to get old…  I can’t wait as the years progress to see who picks up the torch and carries on with this wonderful family tradition we have.  I can’t wait to save up some more cash and pay off the next cousin…

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