Amish People Smell Like Dead Ass


Damn it, damn it, damn it…
I’m sick.

I blame it on those damn Amish patients that just started coming to the clinic.  They came in on Saturday and are staying 20 days, and just so happen to have an appointment of some type each and every day they are here.  There are seven people in the group, they came in from Pennsylvania for External Counter Pulsation therapy.

Have you ever smelled what dead asshole rotting in the sun smells like?  

Well if you have, then you have a small inkling of what these people smell like.  It’s absolutely disgusting.  I’ve been on DOA calls that smell better than these people.

The Amish don’t believe in deodorant, daily bathing, and most of them don’t change their clothes on a regular basis.  One of the men deals with cows back home, and I can guarantee the black dirt under his fingernails isn’t dirt… *shudder*  Each time I use an alcohol wipe to start an IV, the wipe turns either green or black.  They are sweet people, but the stench…  I literally walk around with Vicks Vapor Rub under my nose all day.  I swear I can’t get it out of my hair and out of my clothes!  I feel so dirty when I leave work.

With that said, being around the stench and the dirtiness that these people carry around with them, I started getting a scratchy throat towards the end of the day yesterday.  Today?  I wake up with a  full-blown stuffed nose, coughing, sneezing, green mucus, soreness, fatigue,  the whole nine yards.  I’m pissed!  Never in my 3+ years in patient care have I gotten so sick from a patient.

I guess its time to break down and get one of Doc’s “Miracle” IV’s tomorrow.  I’m making my own bag, and pumping it full of a shit-load of antibiotics!  I’m asking Doc for a Z-pack (5-day antibiotic).  Until then?  A shot (or two, or three) of Vodka to kill the throat germs will have to suffice till morning!  *Ugh, I hate being sick!*

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