Step Two… Check.

Step Two: Done

A few posts ago I mentioned something about a fundraiser I wanted to throw for my rescue squad.  Step One?  Getting the idea accepted by my Chief.  Well, after laying out the basic points of my idea, my Chief agreed and said he liked my idea.  I told him I had a band in mind, and that I was getting in the good graces of said band.  I told him I would go to a show and pitch the idea to the members.

This past Wednesday night I went to my fourth MDR show.  I managed to get some face time in with the singer before the show started.  I was flattered when he said he remembered me (I’m sure he says that to all the girls), then he brought up my paramedic job and asked how it was (Holy Batman!  He did remember me!!!).  Next thing I know, he’s telling me how cute I look and running his fingers through my hair.  *Swoon*

Okay, wait… not the point of this entry.  

Back on subject…  While talking, I mentioned my potential fundraiser and expressed my deep interest and hopes of getting MDR signed onto the event.  He thought my idea was awesome and said that he would love to be a part of it, but warned me that the band gets booked up fast in early Spring.  The conversation ended with a tight hug from a guy who had to bend down 3 feet just to reach me.  At the end of the show, I managed to have a few more words with him, as well as a few shots.  Standing outside with my friends, I ran into two other of the band members I’ve gotten to know and talked to them about the fundraiser idea.  Again, all down and thought my idea was good.

Now…. Step Two is completed.  I’ve talked to the band, and gotten them interested.   I seem to have my Chief on my side on the issue that this fundraiser is necessary for the good of our department.  With everything the public thinks about us right now, no one is going to come out to a rescue squad event and be willing to give us their money.  We do need, and Chief has agreed with me, something else attached to the event that will draw people to the event.  MDR will work.  Now… seeing as I have my Chief and the Band on board, now comes Step Threemaking damn sure that this event sees the light of day.  And trust me, I’m going to do my best to make sure it does.  I love my squad, and I want the place to overcome all of the mudslinging that has been thrown at us the last 11 months.  I’ve vowed to stay there through thick and thin, and anything I can do to help it survive… I’m down.  And if I get to bring some MDR into it?  Even better!

One of my favorite pictures from the concert
the other night

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