I’m a Local Band Groupie

Becoming a Groupie much?
*Much too Much…*

So yeah.
Tomorrow night I’m going to my 4th
{count it, fourth}
Modern Day Romeos
{local band mind you}
show since September 22
when the band played an event
my fire department threw.
That was the first time I had ever heard of/seen them play.

They have such an upbeat, funny, crowd-oriented/crowd-involved style that I can’t help but enjoy.  The singer is a trip.
He is {what I think}drew me to want to see another MDR show.
In the middle of a show he will stop the song/crowd and suddenly start a “bad dancer contest”…
If your in reaching distance of his freakishly long arms, he will take your camera/phone and run around stage with it, giving you a bands eye-view of the show…
If your cute enough (like me, LOL) he will even remove his sunglasses after the set and give them to you.
If you’re at the front and he see’s your clearly enjoying yourself, he will hand you the microphone.
{{The last two I learned the hard (easy/embarrassing) way.}}

Only another 23 hours until I am basking in the sounds of their take take-ons of
well-known songs, goofy personalities, and energy!
*Happy Dance*

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