I. Will. Pull. This. Off… (if it happens)

Yet another awesome local concert under my belt.  I feel like such a “local band groupie”… Hell I’ll admit, I’m kinda becoming one… at least for these guys.  That makes concert number three since I first heard of them in September.

Speaking of the awesome local band, that brings me to my reason for writing.

This past Sunday night at the station, we had an unofficial meeting to discuss/update all the legal issues and drama that the department has been hit with this year.  We went through all of the legal issues, did a Q & A, and wrapped the night.

My Chief had mentioned something about wanting to throw some fundraisers to help replenish the station bank account and to try to put ourselves out into the public.  He asked for some ideas.  Not a single person spoke up.  Before I could say mine, a call toned out and I missed the rest of the meeting.

Once I got back to the station, I pulled my Chief aside and told him I had an idea…

My Rescue Squad got hammered with nothing but negativity this year (read older blogs to catch yourselves up).  In order to get the town to trust and respect the rescue squad again, we need to put ourselves out there.  I suggested a public event, not just a fundraiser… but a sort of Meet-and-Greet slash Party.  I told my Chief that with everything that came out this year, to be honest, we won’t get much of a turnout or many donations without something else to bring the townspeople into the event… and he agreed with that statement.

We managed to get something really popular/cool/exciting attached to our fundraiser, alongside our department.  We need something more than just the department’s name on the event.  Something that is going to draw people out to want to enjoy the event and see that not everyone on the department is like the issues they have been hearing about for the last year.

Something like the awesome local band I’ve developed an obsession with.  MDR will get people out to the event.  They are hugely popular in this area, and when I saw them last Saturday and was talking with the drummer, he said he recognized me from FB and thought my lame Ecards I made in honor of the band were awesome (le sigh).  MDR does all types of shows from weddings, graduation parties, sand bar parties in the middle of a lake, and large festivals in front of thousands of people throughout the area. ( Each show I’ve been to, I’ve had to fight for a place up at the front of the stage.)

After listening to my idea and the details I had managed to come up with while on the call (don’t worry, it was only a lift assist!  No medical emergency!)
my Chief stared at me from across the conference table in silence.  After a few moments of me thinking I had made myself look like an ass, and think that I was about to be told my ideas was stupid and/or impossible… he opened his mouth and the words “I think that is a great idea” escaped his mouth.

I was not only shocked, but freaking thrilled to hear that!  He told me he agreed with all the point I brought up, and that he had a Fundraiser Coordinator in mind that he wanted to hire for some of the ideas he had come up with.  He told me he would hook me up with the person once they had an agreement.  (INSERT HAPPY DANCE HERE)

So, I have a few months until the whole fundraising thing gets started.  For now, I already have most of my event planned for what I want and will need to do.  I told my Chief right off, I don’t need a lot of help and that I want/will spearhead the event on my own as much as possible.    I can get sponsors for food/beer/beverages.  I can take care of hitting each business up, door to door if I have too, and will do it all on my own.  I will put in all the effort because I believe in my department that much.
I can pull this event together.  I know I can.
I can only hope that when the time comes, that my idea doesn’t get pushed to the wayside.  Yeah, private Black Tie events with big wigs will bring in money, however they won’t rebuild the trust and respect the town has lost for us in the last 10 months.

The biggest thing?  Getting the band I want.  I want MDR.  I will do everything it takes to get the band to agree to play for us.  I will beg, plead, cry, put on a dress… whatever it takes, to get this band on-board if I can really get this event put into motion.  I guess at this point, it’s still technically up in the air, but I’m gonna cover my bases…  I’m getting a plan set up, a presentation if you will.  Whether I get MDR or not, the department has to do something to get itself back into the public’s eyes… and with respect and trust this time.  No more hateful comments and backlash from the public.

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