The Lead Singer Part II

Please do not read if you are under 18, or easily offended by adult content.

Leah laid in the motel bed staring at the lead singer she just bedded.  She was well fucked and still wanted more.  Jim felt her eyes on him and looked over at her.  Her Irish skin was flushed and her lips were bright pink from the attach of his mouth.  She looked adorable, laying naked in the bed, her pale breast’s heaving in the dim light, smoke escaping between her swollen lips.

Jim waited patiently as Leah finished her cigarette and put it out.  His cock was still partially stiff and as she rolled over facing him, he grabbed her tiny frame and pulled her on top of him.   Leah laughed as she felt her body being pulled.  She leaned down and planted her lips to his, poking her tongue into his mouth and feeling his teeth playfully nibble the tip.  She felt his hands wrap around her back as she moved her lips to his left earlobe, nibbling and pulling teasingly.  Leah felt his cock harden and twitch against her pussy lips as she trailed her tongue to his right nipple, circling and blowing on the trail before she bit down softly and tugged.  Jim jumped at the unfamiliar feeling, but liked it.

Jim reached his hands between them and started to play with her tits.  She sat up, her head leaning back as she enjoyed the feeling of fingers massaging her mounds and pulling at her stiff pink nipples.  She felt his body shift, her hands grabbing his shoulders as he pulled himself upright against the headboard.  Leah was still straddled over his legs as his mouth reached out and sucked her left nipple into his mouth, his tongue swirling in circles and playing with the jewelry.  He repeated the motion on the right nipple as his hands reached under Leah, pushing her in the air slightly as he reached for his cock.  He rubbed it against her sensitive clit a few times, teasing her before he put the tip inside.  Leah held herself in place, her leg muscles straining with the awkward position.

Jim’s hands grabbed her hips, gently forcing her to sit on his lap.  Leah felt his cock pushing inside her and she leaned against his chest, her arms gripping his shoulders, bracing herself and moaning at the feel of being penetrated again.  She jumped as it felt like her stomach was being jabbed, the entire length pushed inside.  Jim held her for a moment as she acclimated herself.  After a few moments Leah started slowly rocking herself back and forth on her knees, grinding herself onto him, maneuvering herself into the right places to hit her G-spot. Jim could feel it each time his cock hit the sweet spot.  Leah would jump and moan, a look of ecstasy spreading over her face each time he hit it.

Leah started picking up her pace, bouncing herself up and down, her moans getting louder with each stab at her G-spot.  Her breasts were bouncing in rhythm with her grinds, Jim’s hands reached out again and grabbed them, squeezing them as she rocked up and down on his cock.  Leah was riding him hard, her pussy leaking cum.  Jim let go of her breasts, pulling them back into his mouth, vigorously sucking her nipples and enjoying the noises she made.  Leah went as long as she could before she felt tingles sweeping over her body again.  The stimulation of her G-spot mixed with the feel of Jim’s tongue on her nipples were just right and pushed her to climax.

Leah’s hands reached into his hair, tugging hard on his brown locks and pulling his head back as she felt herself orgasm, the juices spilling from her cunt.  Jim started thrusting himself inside her, urging her orgasm and making her scream out.  His hands went to her hips again, grabbing her and slamming himself inside each time she grinded into him.  Leah suddenly got quiet, and he felt her body relax, her face landing on his chest.  He slowed his pace and held her against him as she finished climaxing.  He used his ass and thigh muscles to slowly push into her as she finished.

Leah pulled her face from his chest and looked up at him with eyes that clearly said ‘satisfied’.    Jim smiled, goofily repeating his catchphrase “Hip, hip”.  Leah smiled, “fucking hooray” she whispered.

Before she had time to fully recover, Jim slid her off of him and put her onto her back.  He pushed himself down to her cunt and started to lick up juices still dripping from her pussy.  He teased her clit with his finger as his tongue lapped up the streams on her thighs.  Her body jumped and shivered at his touch, goosebumps spreading like wildfire across her skin.  Her hands reached into his hair again, gently this time, holding his face into her pussy and gripping his hair in a soft, massage-like manner.

Jim pulled his face out from her cunt, moving up and grabbing Leah’s legs, directing them to wrap around him.  He stroked his cock, which was a shade of purple at this point, and stared down at her while he teased her clit with a few more strokes.  He was surprised how much he still wanted to fuck her.  Most girls he picked up after shows couldn’t hold his attention this long.

“Fuck my asshole.”

Jim was shocked.  He wasn’t sure he heard right…

“What did you say?”

“You heard me.  Fuck. My. Asshole.”

Jim wasn’t sure she could handle it, but it decided to listen to the command given to him.  He spit on his cock while he worked her cum towards her asshole.  He pushed a finger inside her first in attempts to prepare her.  She took it with no hesitation and groaned, staring into his eyes and asking for more.  He was nervous and didn’t want to hurt her, but she asked for it…

He pushed the tip to her asshole, easing himself inside her slowly.  Leah reached over and grabbed the bottle of Jack, taking a long swig, gasping through the liquid and she felt himself push into her.  She had done anal before, but never with a cock this big.  She relaxed herself, closed her eyes and waited for it.  She felt a few more inches slide into her.  Her hands reached out, gripping the sheets and pulling them.  Jim was looking at her face watching for signs to stop and didn’t recognize any.  He looked down at her asshole, and saw that he was already at least 5 inches deep.  He spit on her asshole again, and pushed himself in and out a few times at that depth before he pushed another 2 inches inside.  Leah gasped, pulling the sheets out from under the mattress.

Jim stayed 7 inches deep for a few minutes, finding it hard to hold himself back with the unbelievably tight feeling of her asshole squeezing his cock.


He picked up his pace and put more weight behind his thrusts.  Leah was still asking for more.  He pushed himself harder, looking down and seeing that he had all 9 inches inside her asshole.  He still didn’t hear any signs of protest, and the attempt to hold himself back was getting harder.  He spit on her asshole one more time and started thrusting himself into her ass as hard as he could.

Leah’s body was rocking on the bed hard, her head banging into the headboard.  She felt her asshole being stretched more than it ever had been.  It hurt, but it a good way.  She kept begging Jim to fuck her faster.  He picked up his speed, pounding himself into her backside like he had never done to any other girl before.  Jim’s grunts mixed with the tightness of her ass made it impossible for her to hold back any longer.  She could feel it building and wasn’t sure how much longer she could last.

Leah’s screams and pleas for more finally got the best of her.  After a few more pounds of his cock, almost sure her ass would be bruised from his hips, she felt herself burst. She tried to pull away, but it was too late.  Leah’s face was contorted in a mix of pleasure and pain, her screams loud enough to wake the entire motel.  Another orgasm hit her like a truck, the whole room spinning and her body felt like it was being shocked with electricity as she felt his cock slide in and out of her rear-end.

Leah managed to pulled herself off Jim’s cock, feeling it slip out of her and hearing a pop at the exit.  Leah hit the pillow, her chest heaving in the air as she tried to catch her breath yet again.  Jim looked down and saw Leah shaking with her orgasm, eyes clenched shut, biting on her lip through her moans.  His cock still hard.  He couldn’t help himself, and without any warning or hesitation  he plowed his cock back into her pussy.  Leah gasped in surprise, all her holes had been filled, some multiple times and she wasn’t sure how much more ravaging she could take.  She expected to be the one showing him up, but it seemed the opposite.

Jim felt the alcohol start wearing off, most of it sweated out.  His cock felt sore from being swollen with blood and pounding Leah’s tight ass and pussy.  He didn’t want to end the night without feeling her tight cunt one last time before he passed out.  He couldn’t help but notice that her pussy felt as if he was sliding into her for the first time.  Each thrust, he felt her cunt squeeze around his cock as if he hadn’t spent the last few hours tearing her apart.

As he used the last bit of his strength to thrust himself deep into her pussy, her juices still dripping, he felt his cock start to throb.  He threw his head back, grabbed her hips and started to give her the last he had inside.  Jim could still feel Leah trembling from her orgasm, and it helped push him to the edge.  He felt his cock start to twitch and got ready to pull out.  As he slid his cock out of her pussy, he saw a rope of cum already stretching from the tip of his cock and out of her cunt.

Finally, Jim’s body gave out.  He fell on top of Leah and rolled to the mattress, her legs still wrapped around his body.  He could still feel her body shaking.  He struggled to catch his breath.  He reached on the nightstand and grabbed the bottle of whiskey, and gulped most of the last in the bottle before handing it to Leah.  Leah dropped the bottle to the carpet as she crawled over him to grab a cigarette.  Her breasts brushed against his face, his mouth and tongue grabbing a hold of her nipple one last time.  She giggled and jumped as she felt his tongue on her sensitive skin.

Leah put her smoke out and rolled over, putting her back to Jim, expecting him to get up and dressed to go to his room.  As she felt herself drifting into sleep, she heard the light click off and felt his body get close to hers, an arm reaching over her small body.

She fell asleep to the sounds of unfamiliar breathing.  Leah couldn’t help but be excited to wake up in the morning.

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