Back to School… Back to School…

Things are looking up.  At least, I would like to think they are…  I’m not totally sure yet.  Last Monday night we had a meeting at the firehouse.  Afterwards, I pulled my Chief aside for some advice on my EMS career path.  The DUI I got in January 2011 is holding me back from a paid EMS gig and I’ve been having second thoughts on keeping my EMS license.

After talking to my Chief, I decided its time to go to Medic class…  in the Fall of 2013.  I’m still not ready, I hate to admit it… but I’m scared to go to Medic class.  Which is pretty stupid because I’ve seen some of the people who have gone to Medic class before me… and to put it nicely, I wouldn’t let them touch me if all my extremities were ripped off in a horrific combine accident.

My chief mentioned that I may have to take Anatomy and Physiology I and II or Human Form and Function as a prerequisite to getting my Medic license.  I never heard anyone else mention that before, so I decided to start looking into it before I got in touch with the system coordinator.  Of course my chief was right.

Seeing as I want to go to Medic next Fall, and I have to take one of the two classes before I go, that means I’m looking at going to class soon… as in the next 2 weeks.  And hope to Batman that the class I take doesn’t interfere with the EMT-Basic class because I’ve been added to the list of potential instructors to teach the incoming EMT students their skills.

The bottom line is, my DUI is going to affect me for a few more years..  But the fact is Medics are more in demand than EMT’s, so getting my Medic license, even with my DUI, will give me better chances to get hired.  So, I guess its time to start getting some more ducks in a row and get my ass up to the hospital and talk to the EMS coordinator so that I can run back to the station and get them working on my loan (My department is going to pay for me to get my Medic certs!!!).  If I want to take Medic next Fall, then getting this Anatomy and Physiology class done ASAP is essential.  I’m done fucking around and not accomplishing anything while I’m unemployed.

Speaking of…  I (hopefully/most likely) scored a part-time job teaching the new EMT students their skills.  I just have to complete the orientation, take the adjunct instructor session, and sign some paperwork.  Its decent cash per hour and money is a major plus, but I’m looking forward to actually teaching these new potential EMT’s the correct way that skills are done.  Granted, once your in the field, 80% of “How Things Go”, go right out the window because what happens on scene is never what they teach you in class.

I never saw myself teaching… however teaching the skills I’ve been using for the last 3 years should be pretty easy.  I’m named as one of the strongest/smartest EMT’s on my department, and most of my Medics want me to run with them on HOLY SHIT calls… and if I love my job, and do it well…  it should be easy to teach others something I love doing and comes second nature to me.  Should be, but we shall see.  That, and it is a nice little add on for my resume!

Like I said… things seem to be looking up.  I’m not going to keep my hopes up too high, and I’m not going to jinx myself by overly talking about it with people.  My next step is to make some phone calls in the morning and see if I can’t get the ball rolling on getting into school for the upcoming semester.  We’ll see what happens!  Wish me luck!

2 Responses to Back to School… Back to School…

  1. Henry says:

    Yes, do it, GO, rock that shit. Nothing says oppurtunity like improving your skill set.

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