Kind-of a Boss

Ziggurat Stairs, Iraq

Well, after a few weeks deliberation… My Deputy Chief came to me with an answer…

To refresh your memories, I went to my DC a few weeks ago and asked to be the Team Leader.  My crew hasn’t had one for months, and the girl who is acting as the TL is only doing it to help until a new TL was picked.  Well, my DC brought it to the board, and it appears that I am in position for TL.  I am to start following CM* around and train.

Basically I already know what to do.  So, really all that’;s happening right now is she is sticking around to help prepare our two new medics to run on their own, and once they are confident to not need the shadowing, she will step back and I will step up.


I know what my crew needs.

I have been a member of the Sunday night shift for over two years.  I was put on Sundays when I started, and even though that means I’m one of the few people that have to run 36 hour volunteer shifts, I love my week night and wouldn’t switch.

We were labeled the “Misfit Crew’, however many of the people that were on the crew to cause it to earn that nickname, or no longer on the department.  But the stigma still hangs over Sunday nights.

I spent two years running with some great medics, who I hope to fashion my own skills after when I become the medic…  I have helped new basics learn the ropes, and received recognition from hospitals for my dedication to the job.

I’m ready to take the next step, which right now for me, is Team Leader.

I have a great crew.  BM* is a great basic, who’s skills get stronger after every shift.  AH* is another basic, whose skills grow with each patient he comes in contact with.  AT* and AP* are my new medics, who are both showing great potential.  AP* inspires me as a person, as the first Transgender I’ve met in my life.  He is an amazing person, and in the month I’ve gotten to know him, I see the wonderful addition he is to our crew, and am excited to see his medic skills blossom.  Even the three people on the crew that cause the drama… In their own ways, they are good people and good medics.  Losing HB* was hard.  I ran with her for 2 years at my firehouse, and worked with her at a previous job.  She was the medic I ran with 98% of the time, and when she left I was nervous to run calls with out her for the first time…

My crew so far seems to be accepting of me getting the role of TL.  However, once CM* steps out, I foresee some issues with the three trouble makers.  I’m not going to turn into a tyrant as TL, however I will not allow my crew to run all over me and make me look bad.  There will be consequences for broken rules, and they will be fair.  I will listen to concerns and suggestions for making our crew/department stronger.


I just hope I didn’t bite off more then I can chew 😉

Either way, I got a challenge in front of me that needs to be overcome

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