Some Girls Grow Up to be Women… And Others Grow Up to be Paramedics.

Ok, so I’ve been home little less then an hour.
I just got off a 12 hour shift from the Rescue Squad.
Laying in bed(with the dog). Candle lit, smoking a cigarette, watching ‘The Karate Kid’ . I have an urge to write… And a sudden urge to pee…

Ok much better… Let’s see what flows out…

Tomorrow night is the night I get voted on as an Affiliate Member at my department. Sixteen months of free EMS work under my belt, and by tomorrow night I should have a shiny new badge for my efforts.
It’s been an incredible sixteen months, I cant lie. I’ve seen some crazy shit at my job.  (((I live in a suburban area, close to a lot of different types of environments. I’m close to two major cities, a theme park, the Great Lakes, ski resorts, water parks. There are nature preserves, and crowded towns…. Primo Tourist Whirlpool.))) The town I serve has a lake so large its cleared to land commercial airlines in emergencies, dirtbike/ATV/Snowmobile trails, a popular bar located on an island in the middle of the huge lake, with multiple others surrounding the shores. Whether its warm or cold, the lake is still active 80% of the year. Chance for trauma… HIGH.
My first traumatic accident was a boat vs. jetski. It took 7 months in, to finally catch a call we all pray for on a dead shift{12-36 hours with the same 8 people with 2 calls gets boring}. An hour and a half into a 12 hour shift, the tones rang out for both Fire and Rescue, for a water rescue incident involving a boat and a jetski… Didnt end well.
The night of the Superbowl this year, I responded to a MotorVehicleAccident involving a Hummer3 vs. pedestrian. Pulled up on scene to a pair of shoes mid-step, soles to the ground, and a body 150 feet further down the road than the shoes… Didn’t end well. Not to mention, the difference seasons can play in the call… A body pulled from the water in summer is gonna look a lot different then a body on the asphalt laying in a pool of freezing-infront-of your face blood. Steaming…
But of course, not all calls end in tragedy… Like the time I was toned out for a pregnancy call, and on the way to the scene, my call notes sounded more like a train accident then a baby being born (but I just figured dispatch sent the wrong call through again, oops. Lol). I pulled up to a major intersection from my area and saw a train dead stopped even with the road, and a car 40 feet away, sitting on the tracks like it was the DeLorean from *Back to the Future3*.
INTACT. My patient was on the verge of her due date, and an experience like that could definitely throw her into labor. Patient was transported for wellness check at the hospital, and the husband was able to follow in his car shortly after, seeing as somehow the car wasn’t even damaged… 🙂

I never thought in a million years I would end up where I’m at. In hell school, I hated everything and never had a real thought to the future…. Just an urge to get the fuck out, WITH my diploma. But two short years later, I was bored off my ass, hating my mall-store manager job and porn store job… My relationship at the time was a hurricane that falls just short of what happened to Japan, and I had to get out, and I needed a change. Three months later I was single, and a year later I was in college for my degrees and certifications…

It’s been awesome since. My first EMS job was a joke. I worked the local theme park door two months, and the coolest thing I got to do was rescue breath for a girl who passed out from heat stroke. The hours were long, the pay and checks were sweet tits, but they fired me for my modeling. I guess it was to risque for them… Douchebags.
But the 911 department I’m on now is worth it. Granted I work my butt off for zero pay, the experience with pay off in the long run. I’ll get a leg up on the next job, a paying job. Plus,I’m doing 911 calls, with out being on a FIRE department. Right now, Im not physically fit, or emotionally fit for a fire department right now. I need to be able to focus on ME and not a hardcore spot in my field. I have to clear my mind, before I worry about throwing myself into other peoples emergencies 5 days a week.
I’ll get there. Soon. Right now it seems far away. But eventually, I’ll have picked myself up and dusted most of the dirt off, and things will be ok again…

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